Predefining of Venue: – The foremost step taken up by organizer is predefining the exact venue so, that student gets an overall Idea about their expenses and can plan their vehicle shipment and journey in advance.

Cash prize: – Isn’t this one the most interesting one for you. So, let’s ride together for the final conclusion, FMAE with the sponsor is going to keep the cash prize of up to 3.5 lakhs in FMAE BAJA. The total cash prize will be divided into several categories, which in return will increase your opportunity to win them. Moreover, this Huge amount is kept to compensate your hard work, sleepless nights, dedication your overall investment.

Discounted Accommodation: – On behalf of event sponsors, FMAE will accord accommodation to all the students on a discounted and marked down price basis with best quality services. Moreover, there will be intercity accommodation provided (Near to or on the venue itself) which will cut down your expenses to half.

Pulling the event at Night: – So, aren’t you excited to read this point, some of the test/Presentation will be heading late at night. This will help student spend more time with our expert and possibility of mass knowledge sharing will be at the hike. Further, students will be under high learning and seeking good advice from our industrial expert. Moreover, this will also help you to cut down your expenses as this will decrease event time period which in return will decrease your accommodation expenses. Most importantly, you will get best out of it without paying higher expenses without affecting the quality of learning and knowledge sharing.

Providing Wings to New Teams: – it’s been observed through FMAE, that there is no doubt Students across our nation wants to explore their selves through these kinds of events moreover are waiting for the opportunity to come their way. So, here is your chance, let’s paddle this together. Further, to form as well as to inspire/invite new teams to the event FMAE is also keeping a kind of sponsorship in form of equipment, tools and machinery and much more.

Predefining of track map/ layout: – So, the point itself reveals everything, moreover let’s go in deep to hit the exact point. Organizers have planned to contribute more to make it very convenient/easy for the participant by providing them with the track map (layout, dimension, terrain) for each and every test beforehand, which will further help you to manufacturer your vehicle accordingly.


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