Registration details 2022

Where to register for Season 5?

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1. What is FMAE BAJA?

FMAE BAJA is a competition for engineering students to design and fabricate single seater off road buggy.

2. Which teams can participate?

Any engineering or diploma student who wants to design and fabricate off road buggy can make a team to participate in the competition or all existing Baja teams can also participate.

3. What are the categories?

FMAE BAJA will be organized in two categories.

  1. Combustion
  2. Electric

Both categories will be judged differently and will not be merged in any case, irrespective of the number of teams registering in each category.

4. What are the fees?

The registration fees are mentioned in the below table. The standard entry fee is 39, 640 +18%GST only.

5. When and where is the Final Event?

The Final event will be conducted at FMAE Moto Park, Hyderabad from March 2023 . Further;

The FMAE Moto Park in  Divya Retreat consists of more than 100 acres of land, with over 120 off road trails rated from mild to extreme. This off roader’s paradise is located in mountains of Keesaragutta.  The park offers, easy off-road trails for beginners, to some of the most extreme natural rock trails available. In addition to the track Trails, we offer a huge green space for camping, RV hookups, bathrooms and showers, Pavilion, the Dirt Track and Obstacle Course. We host over 20 events throughout the year, from off road races to festivals.

Google Maps Link –

6. How much is the Prize Money for the competition?

The complete prize is given in the below table.

7. Is there any membership required to participate in the competition?

No, there is no membership or club requirement to participate in the competition.

8. What rules will be followed for the competition?

Please visit the link to find out the conduction docket (Rulebook 2023)